Here is a short list of the requirements to run Windows Vista.

Processor: 800Mhz (1Gb for Vista Premium and above)

Ram: 256MB for Vista Home and the rest need 512MB
Graphics card: Needs to support DirectX 9 for Windows Home Basic, The rest need a video card that also supports Shader 2.0 and has 32BP and WDDM. (WDDM is for Aero to work) Ram of 128MB for Home and 256MB for premium and ultimate

Hard drive: 20GB for Vista Home and the rest 40GB.

These are the minimal requirements. I would personally go no less then the following for Vista to run optomally

Processor: 2.8Ghz and above for Vista Home and the rest try to get in the 3GHZ range.

Ram: No less then 1GB for Home and at least 2GB for premium and ultimate. 2GB for business as well.

Graphics card:  If you plan on doing gaming get more but no less then 256MB and make sure it supports WDDM.

Hard drive:  With how cheap these are now a days you should have a good 160GB.  You may not think you need it but look back 5 years when 20GB seemed like a lot.  New programs are taking up more and more space and this trend will only continue.

If you already have a Vista System post yours results below and tell others how well it is working for you.

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