Recommendations For Upgrading Toshiba Notebook Parts

Everything mechanical, or electronic, breaks down and nearly every computer made is expandable.  This is also true of your Toshiba notebook but to be honest, as far as notebook technology has progressed, it is still not a great idea for you to go poking around in your notebook unless you really know what you are doing.    But there are some upgrades you can do yourself and there are some repairs that can easily done for you by a technician using either generic replacement parts or Toshiba notebook parts.  Then there are the things that look like they cannot be fixed but can be fixed using only Toshiba notebook parts.Then there is the fatal stuff.

So lets look at some typical situations and see if we have a dead notebook or if you can use Toshiba notebook parts to repair it.

Common Laptop Upgrades

Most notebook computers allow for upgrades.  Consult your manual to see what kinds of upgrades your Toshiba notebook allows.  Usually you can upgrade memory and hard drive capacity but once again I would have a professional do it unless you really know what you are doing.

Most hard drive manufactures will be compatible with your laptop although if your doing a memory upgrade or repair you should stick Toshiba notebook parts.  You should be able to determine compatibility by going on line or checking your manual.

The screen for a laptop is not upgradable.  If you need a larger or higher resolution screen then your only choice is buying a new laptop.

Dead Laptop

Notebooks now days are much more durable than earlier days although dropping a notebook that is not in a protective case can cause serious damage to the components and circuits.  Even a protective case will normally not protect a notebook that is accidentally dropped in water.

Parts That Can Be Repaired

Defective notebook screens can usually be repaired although in some case they may not be repaired.  Other components such as the power supply and battery can be replaced if necessary.

Using Toshiba notebook parts the CD-Rom and DVD drive can be upgraded or replaced.

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