If your Xbox 360 console has stopped functioning and only displays red ring of death, then it’s confirmed that there is a problem with your console. Even though there are hundreds of Xbox repair guides on the internet, most of the instructions have proven to be a failure. It has to do with lack of detailed instructions which could be done better with a proper set of videos.

Most experts will advise you not to fix Xbox 3 red lights with the help of a guide that relies on pictures solely as you can damage the game console for good. The only option here is to choose only video collections that actually show you what to do and how to deal with the red ring of death also known as RROD.

You should identify the cause of the Xbox problem before you go all mechanic on the console. If you start fixing a wrong problem correctly, you might actually make things worse.

Microsoft standard report suggests that the 3 red lights issue is generally related to overheating of the gaming console. The device freezes to stop further damage from taking place inside the console. If this is the case, you can remove the 3 red lights problem once and for all using the video instructions from a good repair guide.

There is a drawback to the use of a repair guide purchased online: you can lose the warranty for the product. Though they generally work to help you fix Xbox 360 3 flashing red lights caused by overheating, things could be different when it comes to hardware failure.

You might consider the traditional and safer alternative and just send it to Microsoft for the repair. Did you know Microsoft charges over a $100 for the fix? And did you know that they take longer 4 weeks to get the job done? I wouldn’t want this for the world!

If you really want to take a chance and get the red rights problem taken care of once and for all, maybe the repair guides online can help out. How do you pick one that can work like a charm? Simple! Don’t go for the price, and don’t go for one that ends up giving you tonnes of bonuses.

Just make sure that you purchase one with great quality videos. If you don’t find anything good, make sure to claim a refund and go for the next one that you came across. Quality is important because if you miss a single step during the repair, say good bye to your console. So be mindful and less stingy.

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