Setting up a wireless network on Vista and Securing your wireless network on Vista is the same as XP. the security for your wireless device is not on the computer. the encryption and security is setup on the wirless router.

The best way to figure out how to setup security on your wireless router is to look at the manual that came with your device. If you do not have it handy then you can always go online to the manufacturers website and download the lastest guide.

For this instance we will be taking a look at the linksys WRT54GS model as it is very popular. We are going to assume you already have a wireless network going.

Open up your favorite webbrowser like IE or Firefox. Type into your broswer’s URL. Now you will need to login. The default on many Linksys devices are user: admin password: admin . Now select Wireless then Wireless Security. Now you get to choose what type of encryption you want. WEP is the most commen but that is slowly changinging as the others listed are more secure. We will use WEP as this example. Now you can type in a Passphrase. Just type something. That will generate the passcode you need to use. the first Key will have the default password you need to use. Write that number down. It will be something like F2C7BB35B9 or else 20 digits long.

Once you have that save your settings. Now on a wireless system try and loggin into your network. You will be asked for the pass code. Enter the pass code you wrote down and your good to go.

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