Rural High Speed Internet Access

Finding Rural High Speed Internetp can be a big challenge for most.  The good news here is you can finally ditch dial-up and get high speed internet even if you live out in the country side.

Many of us love to live in rural areas.  The people are kinder and the fresh air is great.  While living in rural areas can have it’s downside we would not trade it to live a city life.

One of those downsides for years on end has been dealing with super slow internet service.  The whole dial-up thing worked years ago but now you want to be able to not only free up your phone line but actually surf the web at decent speeds.

Checking the futures market is a must for many rural farmers and I know all to well that most forms have to be filed online now a days.  It’s nice not having to deal with all the paper work but waiting for the internet page to load is just like watching the corn grow.

If you are looking to find a solution with out putting a huge dent in your pocket then I would encourage you to check out this High Speed Internet site.  There you will find a nice list of internet providers for any were in the USA.

You will find to great options for living in rural areas.  The first is High Speed Satellite Internet. I know you most likely looked into this option a few years back and said there is no way you are going to pay a few hundred bucks a month for internet access.  The good news here is the price has dropped to as low as 35 bucks a month and you still get speeds that are up to 50 times faster then dialup.  The really nice thing about going this route is you can install a wireless router and have internet service on every computer in the house.

Another great option to consider is getting a USB broadband service.  This does not work in all areas but on the high speed internet sight mentioned above you will be able to see if it does work in your area.

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