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Purchasing an all in one printer can be a great economical decision.  For the price of roughly one average model printer you can purchase a basic all in one printer that has three times the capabilities.  An all in one printer can offer a variety of different options in several different configurations.  In addition to printing they can also scan and copy documents as well as function as a fax machine.

What Can An All In One Printer Do For Me


If you know you will be printing high volumes of paper you will want to select a device that offers high speed printing so you do not end up wasting time waiting for your printouts.  Laser printers are much faster than an inkjet device and the cost per page to print from a laser device is often times much less than an inkjet.  Laser printers are an especially great choice for those who only need to print black and white.  For a premium price you can purchase a color laser printer if that option is required and you want a faster device.

If you want to print digital photographs you should select an inkjet printer that was designed to print photographs.  Often times these devices will hold special ink cartridges that will produce high quality print outs of your photographs.

All in one printers are available in two main forms.  If you know your device will not be required to produce large amounts of volume consider
purchasing an inkjet all in one printer.  These devices are often times less expensive but tend to print slower than a laser all in on printer.  

By purchasing a laser device your upfront cost might be higher but the overall cost per page will be lower than an
inkjet in the end.  Also keep in mind that the majority of laser printers available only print in black and white.  As color laser technology becomes more popular more all in one printers of this design are entering the product market and the price is becoming reasonable.

There are also all in one printers available for purchase if you have a need for a device that not only prints but faxes, scans, and copies. Once you have answered the above questions you can begin to narrow down your selection of printers to choose from.

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