The latest monitors to storm the market are the super slim LCDs and Flat Panel Monitors. As appealing as LCD monitors are to consumers, not all people know the positives and negatives to owning one or how to properly care for them.

As a matter of fact, LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is a much more sensitive interface as opposed to the Cathode Ray Tubes which are outdated now. (CRT) and they are not able to take the same abuse as the CRT terminals might be able to.

Anti-Reflection Covering.

LCD’s have an anti-reflection covering of clear film that is damaged easily by ammonia-based cleaner. Using paper towels or any wood-based product to clean your LCD screen can damage it so that it appears cloudy and blurry.

Clean your LCD monitor with accepted cleaners only, and wiping with Pledge and paper tissues could damage it. For the best outcome, turn the monitor off, and then apply wet. (water only) when cleaning your monitor, be sure to use a lint free cloth.  Applying water directly to the screen is discouraged since the water can cause even more damage if it gets into your LCD screen.

Screen savers help prevent damage to your monitors when not in use. An average LCD Monitor consist of a metal grid that charges a pixel to allow the desired color to be displayed.  LCD monitors are made of plastic which are subject to ghost images when left with one image for too long due to ‘burn-in’. Even though it won't cause lasting damage, you should still steer clear of it.

Finally, it is absolutely forbidden to touch your LCD monitor with your bare hands as the pressure applied on the screen will cause damage to the delicate pixels and that in turn would make that pixel turn black and not work.

Images and graphics created on the computer are displayed on its monitor. The best way to do it is selecting the best from several options. Ensure taking good care of your new acquisition, once you have decided on the type of monitor you want.

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