Using Two Monitors on One Computer

You might ask why anyone would use two monitors on one pc but there are reasons.  Known as dual pc monitors, these have a multitude.  A great reason for using two monitors is for someone in the photography market.  For instance, photographers working on digital pictures, trying to view, analyze, and organize, using dual monitors is a huge help.

With a dual computer monitor, you can actually double work and also desktop space.  One of the most common pc monitors is the LCD.  These are aesthetically pleasing and they are very space efficient.  Therefore, one who does not have much desk space would benefit from the flat screen monitor.  Now, for individuals on a budget, a CRT screen is also a great choice but larger.

When it comes to using a dual pc screen, again the greatest advantage is for someone in photography or a person who works with graphics and digital images.  Some of the main benefits include:

Browsing a photo album, putting all photos on one screen in thumbnail view and then looking at the pictures on a full screen on the second monitor whereby the photo could be focused and manipulated.

Editing photographs is also much easier by using dual computer monitors.  For instance, one monitor can be used for browsing photographs on the internet or through some type of photo library and then with the second monitor, pictures can be edited using a special software application program.

Even staying current on email is a benefit of having two screens on one pc.  For home businesses or individuals in corporate America, getting lots of emails is common.  With two screens, one could display all new emails coming in while the other can be used for other types of work.

The bottom line is that dual computer monitors have a number of purposes for home users or individuals in the workplace.  While the pc speed would not increase, productiveness would since the individual is able to stay better organized and multi task in a manner like never before.  This trend has become so popular that it is becoming a normal part of purchasing a pc and screen.

Today, there are a many of computers on the market that are designed to support a dual pc screen without having to pay additional money or time in getting the parts set up.  Therefore, if you have a newer pc, you might already have the ability to work on two monitors on one computer.  To verify, look at the back part of the pc where you would observe two VGA connectors or DVI connectors, or in some cases, both.

If your pc is not designed with a connector for working on dual computer monitors, then you can visit a local pc or electronics store and buy the required parts.  For this, sometimes the hardware is something you could install yourself but there are times when a professional’s help is required.

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