No matter what group you have, whether you are a large company, a small organization or an independent home business, you will want to own a printer that can handle your high quality printing needs. In this case, you will be happy to know that the Phaser 8560 Solid Ink is available and can fulfill all of your needs. In fact, with the Phaser 8560MFP ink you will be able to handle large jobs with great prints.

The Phaser 8560 is a multipurpose printer, which means it can accomplish a whole host of printer jobs. The Phaser 8560 is able to copy, print, scan and send faxes, allowing you to get a wide variety of jobs accomplished all at once. You have all the functions you will need, eliminating the need to purchase these machines. You will also get the Phaser 8560 MFP ink sticks which are compatible to this machine and made to do a large amount of work, as well as giving you the very best quality.

Using the Phaser 8560 MFP printer means that a business office will be able to reduce the number of machines which they need to work. This will not only open up more space in the office but will drastically reduce the money spent on upkeep and repairs. The Phaser 8560 MFP ink will also run for a lot longer than other ink cartridges, freeing up company funds.

Because the Phaser 8560 MFP printer is created to perform a wide range of tasks, you will be able to meet the needs of all of the people in your office where printing is concerned. This printer holds up to 1500 pieces of paper so that you will not be refilling paper all the time, freeing up staff to do other things. Your printer will also give you 30 pages a minute which means that your work will be done quickly.

Additionally, the Phaser 8560MFP ink gives anyone the ability to print on both sides of a piece of paper. This is not a standard function on most printers and it gives anyone an advantage with this printer. Not only will less paper be used, but the printer helps to be more environmentally friendly.

When using the Phaser 8560 MFP printer your entire office will be able to network to this printer from all of the computers in your network. It can work with both PC’s and Mac computers offering you the opportunity to have any computer you like in your office. You will even be able to scan images efficiently from any computer in your network, an option not usually offered from most printers.

The Xerox Phaser 8560MFP ink will give high-quality documents to anyone using this printer. The Phaser 8560 MFP ink sticks can help to give solid color in images with high detail, turning the documents into something to be valued. Anyone having a need for crisp images could find what they are looking for with this printer.

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