So your new computer came with windows vista and you thought you were all done with the windows blue screen of death.  Well Window vista is a more robust and stable operating system then XP but you can still get the windows blue screen of death.  The most major cause of blue screens is registry damage.  The good news is there are many registry cleaners out there for a very reasonable price.  Windows Vista Registry Review has reviewed some of the top performing registry cleaners for windows vista

How did my registry become corrupt and what is the registry?

Think if the registry as the library for your computer.  When you click to open a program the registry kicks in and points to all the dependent files.  Over time as you install more programs and remove programs the registry can become cluttered and corrupt.

Registry cleaning software scans through your entire registry and removes all those bad and invalid files.  You should run registry cleaning software at least once a month to ensure proper and optimal function of your operating system.  This will cut down on the windows Vista blue screen errors you are getting

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