So here is the scoop.  You boot up your windows Vista or Window XP computer only to find you have no audio or your speakers are not working.  Here is a list of things to go through to get your auio back.  This works the same on a desktop computer or laptop / notebook computer.

1. Ensure the speakers are plugged in correctly and turned on.

2.  Make sure your Volume is not muted.  (Look in the system tray on the bottom right and click the speaker.

3.  Ensure your volume is turned up.

4.  Try playing multiple music files.

5.  Go to your computer manufacturers website and like and  browse to (support or Drivers). Download the latest audio driver for your computer and install it.  Chances are if the first 4 steps did not work this one will.  It can be a little hard for un experienced users to find the drivers on the website but they are there.  By reinstalling the driver chances are you solved your problem.

6.  If you are still having issues then post a coment here and someone will help you out.

If you do not want to go through all of this and want your computer repaired quick try This is a great site that only charges 29 – 99 dollars to fix your issue and they do it online.

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