Uninstalling Vista Boot loader is not a hard thing to do.  You have two simple options.

Normally when you need to uninstall the vista boot loader you have installed Microsoft Windows Vista Beta\RC1 on your existing Windows system in dual-boot mode, while installing windows vista overwrites the system MBR (Master Boot Record) to let you make choice between Windows Vista and Windows XP Or any other operating system. But when you uninstall windows vista the vista boot loader just remains as it is and hence the dual-boot menu is visible even after uninstallation of windows vista. There could be three possible solutions for this particular problem as discussed below in detail below.

Vista boot loader solution 1

The Boot Configuration Data (BCD) store contains boot configuration parameters and controls how the operating system is started in Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows Server Code Name “Longhorn” operating systems.These parameters were previously in the Boot.ini file (in BIOS-based operating systems) or in the nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM) entries (in Extensible Firmware Interface–based operating systems).

You can use the Bcdedit.exe command-line tool to affect the Windows® code which runs in the pre-operating system environment by adding, deleting, editing, and appending entries in the BCD store. Bcdedit.exe is located in the WindowsSystem32 directory of the Windows Vista partition.

Why was there a change to BCD from Boot.ini?
BCD was created to provide an improved mechanism for describing boot configuration data. With the development of new firmware models (for example, the Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI)), an extensible and interoperable interface was required to abstract the underlying firmware.

This new design provides the foundation for a variety of new features in Windows Vista (for example, the Startup Repair tool and Multi-User Install shortcuts).

VistaBootPRO is an application used to make changes to the Windows Vista Boot Configuration Data (BCD) registry quickly and easily, in a fraction of the time it takes to use the alternative, which is the command prompt based application bcdedit.exe, located in the Windowssystem32 folder of Windows Vista.

Designed for both beginners and advanced users, VistaBootPRO can be used to make “cosmetic” changes to the Windows Vista boot Menu such as changing the name of the Operating Systems shown in the boot menu and make advanced “functional” changes like adding an Operating System to the boot menu and repairing the Windows Vista boot configuration data.

Advanced settings include backing up and exporting your boot loader configuration and modifying various details for the entries.

For those who have used bcdedit.exe in the past, you will be impressed with the ease of use and functionality that VistaBootPRO provides.

Simply install this software on your Windows XP system and delete the Windows Vista entry. It is advisable to make a backup of existing boot config using VistaBoot Pro incase anything goes bad. Download

Second Solution 

This solution is the second best option for the problem, for this You need a Windows XP Home or Windows XP Professional CD.

Just change you BIOS settings to boot from CD\DVD-ROM drive and boot from your Windows XP CD. Now choose the “Recovery Console” option by presing ‘R’ key.

You should now be asked enter you Admin password:  just hit enter if you do not have an admin password or enter the admin password now.

Now, type FIXMBR and press enter, press ‘Y’ to confirm.

Now, you need to type: FIXBOOT and press enter , press ‘Y’ to confirm

Now, remove the XP CD from drive and restart your computer, Your Vista Boot loader problem has now been fixed.  Congradulations and post a comment if this helped you and share it with others.

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