edit boot.ini VistaVista Boot Pro is a tool used to edit the Windows Vista boot loader. Anyone who has worked on past Microsoft OS’s know about the windows Boot.ini file. Back in XP and ME this was a simple text file that you could just open and edit. With Windows Vista things have changed a little. You now require access via bvdedit.exe. This was done more for security reasons then anything else.In order to use bcdedit you need to know how to move around using basic commands lines and must access it through the run command and be logged in as the administrator.

This is were Vista Boot Pro comes into play. It has a very user friendly GUI (Graphic User interface). It is easy to view the boot.ini file. This can be very helpful for people who boot using dual operating systems that run on different windows platforms.
The best part is Vista Boot Pro is free to use and is included in our must have Vista tools. The link to download is HERE

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