It’s been 3 whole years since I download and tested computer associates anti-virus software. I decided with Vista out it was time to take this guy for a spin again. I normally praise Trend Micro internet security because it is one of the best. The problem with trend Micro is it just takes up to much active memory and running it on a Vista Laptop just does not work well. My Desktop has no problem but my 2 gig laptop seems to take a while to boot because of it.

Anyways back to CA. They have several different product lines that you may find useful. The anti-virus is top notch and very easy to use and understand. The interface is just as user friendly as Trend and as a bonus it runs on less system resorces so your computer will ultimately run faster. The scan for most systems will take 40-50 minutes which is average. It did have issues removing Vundo and and smitfraud as well as virus pro. It did a good job blocking the programs from being installed but once I placed the spyware on the system and then installed the spyware it did a poor job of actualy removing it.

So if you are already infected with a virus or spyware I would not use CA anti-virus because it seems to be poor at removing the actual threat. If you are NOT infected then I would say go for it becuase it does a great job blocking programs in the first place.

The CA firewall was not too hard to understand and move around in. Trend is easier but CA is far easier then Norton 2008 and Mcafee. It’s not hard to unblock programs if you acidentlly block one.

I was able to get a hold of a CA rep and they gave me a list of current coupons :). I love running popluar sites because I always seem to get free software and also discounts for my viewers. Here are the coupon codes I got from them

CA – Click Here to use the coupons
15% off on CA’s Internet Security Suite Plus 2008- Enter coupon code CAISS15 during checkout. This is the one you want because it is the all-in one. Virus, Spyware and Firewall.

SAVE 20% on CA Anti-Virus 2008 Enter coupon code CAAV20 at checkout

SAVE 20% on CA Anti-Virus Plus CA Anti-Spyware 2008 by applying coupon code CAAVP20 at checkout

Save 20% on CA Anti-Spyware 2008- Use coupon code CAASPY20 to apply discount.

SAVE 20% on CA Anti-Spam with coupon code CAASPAM20

SAVE 20% on CA Personal Firewall with coupon code CAPF20

Save 20% on CA Desktop DNA Migrator using coupon code CADNA20 in checkout. Migrator is something I use for my customers. If your looking for a simple to use data transfer software to transfer xp files to Vista then this is it.

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