TuneUp Utilities 2008

If your are looking for an easy way to speed up your New Windows Vista operating system then this program is for you.  While it works great be sure and read the full review before purchasing.

Tune-Up Utilities will speed your system up by doing the following, Defragmenting your hard drive, repairing the registry, easily manage and stop unwanted startup programs, switching off memory intensive programs, removing junk files that clutter your computer and the most important feature is a Windows Vista optimization tool.

While this piece of software is great and tune-Up Utilities has been around for years many of these features you can already do in Vista.  For instance you can already manually remove many of your junk files and you can defrag your system using the free windows tool built into the operating system.  You can now also control your startup programs much easier then in xp.

With that said if you are not a geek and just want a simple click and be done tool this is the one for you.  It’s very easy to use and you will notice the difference once you use all the tools and you will be able to speed up Vista.

The optimazation tools are nice and these are some simple tweeks that once again anyone could do but you need to know what your doing to do it manually.

If you are very comfortable with Vista then I would encourage you to browse this site and learn how to do it your self.  If you are like many average users then this is great software to have.

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