Free Spyware ScanSpyware Nuker is software that does just that, it nukes spyware.  Some nice benefits of the program are the fact that it does not use a ton of memory like spysweeper does.  It does a good job of removing most if not all spyware on a given computer. The best part of spyware Nuker is the fact that you get a free scan.  You can download the program 100% free and try it before you buy.  Now a days this is fairly common but still it’s always nice to test drive first.  If you think you may be infected or just have 20 extra minutes, then download this software and let it run.  After the scan if you do not see anything that needs attention then don’t buy it.  If you do find a ton of items that means you are not properly protected and should probably purchase it.  Here is their home page

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