We all have it.  You open up your inbox and the first 15 e-mails we see are something to enlarge your man hood or some generous person who wants to give us half their fortune if we just help them out of their situation.

Spam for better or worse is something we have just always had to deal with.  It is said that 95% of all e-mail is spam.  Constantly deleting these e-mails takes time and lets face it, it just makes you mad.

There are simple ways to reduce 99% of all the spam you get.  This is through spam software like Spam Bully.  Spam software has a data base and filter that detects spam and auto deletes it so you never even have to see it.  There are many different types of spam software out there but Spam Bully is one of the easiest to use and install.  The price tag is around 40 dollars but well worth every penny.  Spam Bully also works with the new Windows Vista Mail and with older programs like outlook express.  Of course it will work with outlook as well.

Whether you decide to purchase Spam Bully or not you should at least try the free 14 day trial.  Many others offer a free trial as well but Spam Bully is very easy to use and that is why I use it myself.  They do have  discounts and specials going on all the time to check out their website at Spambully.com to see if they have any specials going on right now.

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