We came across an interesting product last week that we had to check out. The program is called GhostSurf and allows you to surf the web anonymously. Some other added benefits is the ability to Encrypt Your Connection while at the same time hiding your tracks on the internet.

The bellow was taken from their site and describes what this product is all about.

Be invisible on the Internet. Web sites, advertisers, hackers, even snooping friends and family can easily watch your Web surfing. Information you type into Web sites, including your name, address and credit card number is often sent unprotected and can be read by others as it travels over the Web. Hackers can use your IP address to launch attacks against your computer, causing damage or allowing theft of your data.

At the same time, your PC automatically collects and stores information about your online activities. This data is visible to anyone with access to your machine. GhostSurf 2005 is the answer.

GhostSurf provides an anonymous Internet connection to let you surf the Web invisibly. It works with all Web browsers, and also supports instant messengers, newsgroups feeds and popular chat programs. GhostSurf 2005 also erases all of your Internet tracks. Items such as your Web history, cache, clipboard, and cookies can be electronically shredded.


That is the real question. We spent the money and tried it out on XP and Vista as well as the browsers this program works in. This is a very simple program that will work great for those wanting to hide their internet tracks and even for online marketers as they can switch out IP’s. The one down side is some of the proxies used were a little slow. If you plan on downloading a large file then you should consider switching this off while you do that. Most web surfers will not notice much of a lag if any but we came across one such proxy that was a little slow. After we switched to another their was no problem.

All in all this is a great little tool to use and worth the price. Check them out over at www.tenebril.com/consumer/ghostsurf/ghostsurf_standard.php

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