Want to buy a game system? Then you’re probably pondering the pros and cons of all the available systems. After all, all three major players have something to offer the serious gamer. How are you supposed to choose?

Loooking closer at each system, we can learn a lot. Each has its own merits and downfalls. At the end, I’ll talk about how to choose among these systems.

Let’s talk about the Wii first. When the Wii was released, the gaming world was taken by a storm. People who had never played games before loved the Wii. Wives, mothers, and all sorts of people are playing the Wii.

Not a surprise: the Wii is amazingly fun! The unique controller design of the Wii offers motion detection driven game play. Quite an amazing system. However, its graphics are not up to the latest standard, so some types of games won’t get the level of detail they deserve.

The PS3 laughs at these problems. The PS3 has the best hardware and the best graphics of any system currently released. The PS3 makes games look amazing. It also has some of the hottest franchises in games available for it, further broadening the appeal.

The Xbox 360 is another hot performer. The performance of the Xbox 360 is quite impressive, as is its growing library of games. It comes in several system configurations that give you different levels of functionality out of the box. It also has large 3rd party support. If it’s Xbox 360 accessories you’re looking for, you will not be disappointed.

Overall, choosing between these different consoles all comes down to the games. If you’re like most gamers, you’ll find you prefer the game offerings on one system over another. If you like games with innovative new gameplay, get a Wii. If you like the popular Japanese game series, most of these are for the PlayStation. If you like shooters, the Xbox 360 controller makes these a blast to play. Think about what types of games you prefer, then choose from that.

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