Most people that use a disk imaging program never really know if their image is done correctly or not. That is until something crashes and they need to recover files or lost data.It is how ever something that should be looked into since most find out their image is bad after a crash occurs and it’s to late.

Educating yourself on the right disk imaging tools and learning how to check your backup are two easy ways to rest easy that you’re backed up safely.

Choosing the Right Tool for the Image

There are a lot of software products that do disk imaging.The most popular is probably Norton Ghost, been out for quite a few years.While Norton has been making this program for a long time I’ve read several users found their images made using Ghost didn’t work correctly in times of need.

The new breed of disk imaging tools led by Acronis True Image Home edition is more promising.

To learn more about this program specifically check out these Acronis True Image reviews.

Make Sure your Hard Drive Image Works

Using a program like Acronis creates a restore image, rather then just a regular image on disk. So rather then just an image of your hard drive you’re left with a complete restore system that you can boot from should your entire PC crash. This means that you don’t just get a backup of all your files but you also are assured of having a backup of your system setup, registry, email settings and contacts etc.

Testing your Disk Image

It might seem like over kill but I’d suggest that you test out your disk image and backup after creating it.Why Should you Test? Well as mentioned before if you don’t test the results of your backup software you could find out the hard way that things didn’t backup correctly, or the disk and files are corrupt.

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