Malware, computer viruses, a fire at home, or a glass of water all of the capability of wiping out all your important personal data.Much of our life is stored in digital form on a computer so doesn’t it make sense that you’d do almost anything to keep that data safe.

Imagine how you’d feel if your house caught fire and you lost every photo album that you own? How about if a thief broke into your house and stole your tax information for the last ten years from a file cabinet in your den?

You know what, unless you are one of the few people who are using a data backup service for their important files and information you’re leaving yourself open to something like this happening any day.

What is an online data backup service?

An online data backup service is a private, secure, and offsite location where you can store your important files and folders online.The service connects with your PC via the Internet and allows you to upload files and folders via their secure connection to a storage area on a computer that is only available to you and is protected by high tech PC security 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It’s the online equivalent of keeping your sensitive documents or invaluable family heirlooms in a safe guarded by police.

A couple of the more popular online data backup services are Mozy Backup and Carbonite.A detailed Carbonite or Mozy review will reveal that either of these companies offers a worth while priced right service. Both will protect important data from the potential hard ware failure or flood, as well as hackers or viruses.

Why should I use an online data backup service?

For starters you value your privacy. Because you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a team of professionals are keeping their watchful eyes on your valuable data.So you won’t be taking any chances that your personal information on your computer could be compromised.

Recovering data after a crash is very expensive, and usually isn’t successful.Of course the question has to be why would you wait until something is gone to try and restore it. Being responsible means being proactive about protecting yourself from catastrophic data loss, and the only way to do that is to ensure that your data is backed up and protected with an online data backup service.

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