Are you wondering why your Windows PC starts up slower as it gets older?Well, you must have included in the start-up menu more and more programs that must be loaded right from the start.Anti-virus or firewall programs are necessary for PC protection, but free software or trial versions may come with other software you may not know about or are not informed of.These needed and unneeded programs load onto the memoery at start up, so the computer slows down to sort out the confusion.

In this article, we will cover methods of removing unwanted programs, cleaning your registry, and simultaneously freeing up some space on your hard drive. If your computer came “fully loaded” from Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot, Circuit City, or another computer store, you may experience a slow start up from day one.This is due to the store overloading the computer with many usually unnecessary software for system management, cd-writing, photo editing, games and some others.

The simplest way to begin pruning your start up programs is by visiting your Control Panel. You can find the Control Panel under the Start menu on the lower left of your screen. Once inside the Control Panel, you can visit Add/Remove Programs. It may surprise you how long this list actually is.It may even include programs you don’t know about.List down those programs you need or may want to use later, then review the rest for probable deletion.

Removing items from your Startup folder is generally safe, but deleting items individually from your Registry should only be done as a last resort, as this can be a little more dangerous.To play safe, you can use a program called Registry Easy.It is compatible with all Windows versions, including the Vista series. Registry Easy easily scans your PC and safely cleans missing or invalid entries that cause slow-downs, freezing, and delayed start up times.Get a better understanding of all the features this program has to offer in these Registry easy reviews.

Scanning can be set to either manual or automatic mode, so you control Registry Easy’s actions.Registry Easy can also eliminate now-unneeded toolbars and add-ons you once fancied including in your PC by restoring Internet Explorer to its original default status. If you change your mind, or inadvertently removed a program, Registry Easy has the back-up feature that can restore it.

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