All of us have been there and more then once.  How many times have you gone to a website and were like !@# I don’t no the user name and password I used.  Think about it for a second!  How many user names and passwords do you have?  As a blogger and someone who has at least a hundred accounts online I would be lost with out my favorite tool.  The program has a real name but I refer to it simply as Bud.  I know it may sound funny to call a piece of software Bud but that’s how much I appreciate the tool.  The name of the program is RoboFrom.

Perhaps you have heard of it.  In a nut shell it works like this.  I turn on my computer an log in under my account.  Now all I do is open up my web browser and when I go to a website that I need to log on I just click a button and the form is auto filled.  I am prompted to log into the program first using a top secret master password.  After that I can just click the button and have the form filled.  For every site I go to even the ones I do know my password on I just hit click and I’m good to go.  Now the free version of Roboform is good but the paid version that I use has hundreds of other uses and features.  For instance I can safely add my credit card number , and all information I want into the program that is built into the web browser.  Now any time I need to register an account somewhere or fill out any form online I can simply hit one button and have the whole entire form filled out for me including a password.

I already know what some of you are thinking.  That does not sound safe at all?  Nothing could be further from the truth.  You see only I can access this information using just one well thought out password.  Until that password is entered no data can be pulled from it.  If I walk away from my computer I have it preset to deactivate in 15 minutes.  You can change this to what ever you want.  You do have to log into the program any time you log back onto your computer and that is what makes it so safe.  The really nice part is I can transfer all the data using the export feature and load all the saved passwords and user names onto another computer in just a few short clicks.  This program has many more features but you should just check them out for yourself.  Download the trial and see if this program can be your Bud to.  Head over to for the trial.

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