Would you like to connect your Yahoo Mail account to Outlook so you can send, receive, and manage all your email in one place? If so, this article can show you how to get Outlook and Yahoo Mail working together. Once you get this set up, You’re really going to enjoy the pleasure of having all your email in one place. You’ll also benefit from being able to use Outlook’s familiar interface for everything, instead of being stuck with a different way of doing things for each account.

Unfortunately, you can’t use a free Yahoo Mail account with Outlook. You must! have a premium Yahoo Mail account. That means, you must be using either:

  • A Yahoo Mail Plus account ($19.99 per year)
  • A Yahoo Business Email account ($9.95 per month)

If you don’t have one of these account types, you cannot connect Yahoo Mail and Outlook. But its easy to convert a free Yahoo Mail account (the kind you probably have if you don’t remember paying for the account) to a Mail Plus account is easy. mailplus.mail.yahoo.com/ will open a new window where you can upgrade your free account to a Mail Plus account. Close the new window once you’re done with the upgrade so we can configure Outlook to work with your Yahoo Mail Plus account. And don’t worry. If you’ve already upgraded to a Yahoo Mail Plus account, the Mail Plus page will tell you that you don’t need to upgrade.

The process of configuring both types of Yahoo Mail to work with Outlook is very similar. But before we talk about that, you need to be aware of something. During the configuration process you will be telling the Yahoo mail servers not to keep copies of messages on the server once you view them with Outlook. Once that happens, you won’t be able to read them anymore using the Yahoo Mail web interface. This is most likely the way you want things to work anyway, since having more than one copy of a message in existence at one time will surely cause you headaches, and is something to be aware of.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to the configuration process, The detailed procedure you have to follow during the configuration process depend on which version of Outlook you have. To keep things simple, there are two completely separate procedures, one for Outlook 2007, and the other for earlier versions. In the interest of saving space and allowing the procedures to be updated as needed, the procedures are on the Living With Outlook (www.Living-With-Outlook.com) website instead of right here.

If you want to make Outlook 2007 work with your Yahoo Mail account, go to www.living-with-outlook.com/yahoo-mail.html#Configure2007Anchor

If you want to make a version of Outlook that’s not Outlook 2007 work with your Yahoo Mail account, go to www.living-with-outlook.com/yahoo-mail.html#ConfigureOutlookAnchor

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