The heart of your computer. The registry.The Windows registry is the big control center that houses all data and information on your computer. In the older version of Windows, all software and programs had their own files savings. These files, known as INI files, were placed all over the hard-drive and it was impossible to keep track of them and make repairs when necessary. Later version of the Windows solved this problem by centralize all such data and information into the Windows registry.

Why these issues occur within your Windows registry?

Plenty of reasons as why issues arise inside the Windows registry. Some reasons includes:

Uninstalling programs and deleting files. When you uninstall programs or software and deleting files, part of the software or file get left behind in the registry. Windows continually refers to these invalid keys during its operation, wasting time and resources while slowing down processing information. Usually, the cause of degradation of your registry is just by installing a new program and uninstalling the old one.

The use of tracking softwares. There are softwares that install themselves through the web that have multiple registry keys in folder under different program names. To fully delete these programs, you might have to go through complex procedures of deleting each and everyone of these registry keys. Sometimes, you cannot finish deleting it all, and may find some left behind.

Virus infection. When viruses attack your computer by modifying existing registry keys, or by creating new keys that are irrelevant and sometimes destructive. Doing so may create many erros and slow down to the computer. Sometimes, there will be loss of important information.

What are the signs of symptoms caused by the registry?

Usually the operation system will have slowed down pace and if the registry is badly in need of a tune-up, you'll receive error messages for some unknown reasons. You will be getting these DLL erros, which just comes and go whenever. Sometimes, your PC will get the habit of just crashing randomly. When you see these problems are happening, then it's time to take action about it.

You should use a registry repair software?

A registry repair software is basically a Computer error diagnostic scanner, and a repair tool. It works by scanning the registry and the operating system, then it locate any issues found by removing any unnecessary keys and fixing majority it comes across.

Some of today’s registry repair software combines several new enhanced options that are capable of analyzing and automatically repair corrupt paths, files and registry keys. Because these registry cleaner software are a time saver and is great for people that don't know how to manually fix their registry.

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