Microsoft Registry Cleaner is designed for Microsoft Windows that used Registry Database to store the system, application and software settings. When Microsoft first created windows registry to replace the old INI configuration file, they never though of the support of tree structured registry would slow down the operating system performance when it grows larger, that’s why Microsoft Windows Registry Cleaner  is created.

I still remember when Microsoft first launches its’ free registry cleaner without support, back at the time of Windows 98. Since then many registry cleaners was created to maintain the Windows registry, and from Windows XP, registry cleaner does not repair the windows any more. WinXP Registry Cleaner will help to detect, remove and backup Windows Registry, it doesn’t repair corrupted registry or make the Windows any more stable this it is. WinXP Registry Cleaner is very important to maintain a healthy and smooth system, without the Window XP Registry Cleaner, the operating system will eventually freeze and halt due to the over usage of resources by the windows registry.

Microsoft Registry Cleaner was created and released to the public back in Windows 98, and many software vendors follow the foot steps and created all kinds of registry cleaners that will effectively maintain the windows registry. Only commercially supported registry cleaner is considering safe and effective, because technology evolved fast, and you need a good backup team.

If you install and uninstall applications and games frequently, your registry database will grow rapidly, and without a proper Microsoft Registry Cleaner , your computer will become slower everyday until a point it freezes and halt. A reinstallation of the operation system will be required at that point, and it takes time and effort to recover and restore all your backup data…

Back in Windows 98, Microsoft has released a free registry cleaner, and without any kind of support, the tool still spread widely. The Microsoft Windows Registry Cleaner is no more compatible and useful with Windows XP and Vista, but it did open the door to a new age for registry cleaner’s vendors. Since that day, all kinds of registry cleaners were created to help combat the registry problems in Windows.

Frequent install and uninstall games or software will grow the registry very fast, lockup more resources, reducing computer performance and eventually freeze the computer. You need Microsoft Registry Cleaner to help you maintain a healthy windows system, or frequent reinstallation of your operating system is required!

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