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Holladay, UT – Kirt Kershaw, president of DreamForce LLC, is announcing the release of his newest addition to Online Microsoft Office 2007 training videos: PowerPoint. Kirt is a certified Microsoft Applications Instructor of 2007 and has been a Microsoft Certified Application Specialist for 2000, XP (2002), and 2003. He is also certified with CompTIA’s A+.


Kirt spends most of his time performing onsite Microsoft trainings for large companies but soon realized a need in the market place for small businesses. Small businesses couldn’t rationalize the funds for onsite training when they have 2-20 small employees. Kirt saw the need for creating “educational” Microsoft Office 2007 Online Training Videos for the small businesses and people who need inexpensive training solutions.


Kirt wanted to make these videos high quality and low cost. After researching the internet to see what others were charging he soon realized the following issues:

1.  Training videos online are not instructed by Microsoft Office Certified Instructors

2.  Most training tutorials require monthly fees

3.  Some training videos are Flashy but rarely offer any information and how to comprehend

4.  Low quality, poor training outlines and very little substance

5.  Expensive, so only large businesses and people with extra income can afford


Seeing a need he quickly went to work to produce Online Training Videos. He starts each training video by creating the outline, creating examples, recording the tutorials, editing and uploading to the internet for purchase. This process takes about 2-3 weeks to complete per video.


PowerPoint Video Level 1 costs $9.95 per computer license and offers over 4 hours of training completed by Kirt Kershaw. You will own the training videos – no monthly fees ever. Each video is recorded in Stero and 1024 x 768 screen resolution to give you easy viewing tutorials.


If you are ready for specialized training that will take your skill level to a new elevation now is the time to own PowerPoint. Purchase PowerPoint Microsoft Office 2007 Level 1 Online Training Videos for $9.95 and 4 hours of training. Take your PowerPoint presentations from boring to Spectacular with this training video.Check out all of the videos you get in your 4 hours of PowerPoint online training videos.

These videos are available by CD, Download or online viewing. They are perfect for businesses that want to buy a license per employee and have them trained in their spare time.  

Additional videos available for purchase including Excel, Word, and Windows Vista can be found at

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