It’s the one PC task we should all know how to do, backing up files.Of course, we’re all none the wiser until everything is lost in a computer crash.

I speak from experience so trust me when I say there is no better time then right now to get started with an online computer backup and I’m going to explain to you just how easy that is in this article.

Let’s Get Started

Doing a backup online is the simplest method of protecting your files and ensuring their stored off site away from the location of your computer.There isn’t a requirement for any DVD’s, USB drives, or external hard drives.All of your data is kept in a secure online location for a nominal monthly fee where you can rest assured it’s there until you might need it.

The first step is visit Mozy, their an online home backup service that offers a simple free trial you can use to get started. Once you sign up for their free trial it’s just a matter of downloading their desktop application for choosing which files to backup.

What Should you be Backing Up?

Most backup programs online, including Mozy Home Backup, select your My Documents folder as the default backup files and folders.Of course this is probably the most logical place to start, you may also want to add in a backup of your email folders and addresses, as well as any important system settings files.

As well as any software you may have purchased online and downloaded.

Is the process complete?

Once you’ve chosen what files to backup, you simply tell Mozy to start the initial backup and that’s it. You’re finished.The initial backup you do will take some time, it’s dependent on your Internet connection and exactly how many files and folders you’re uploading.

The good news is that once it’s done you’ll never have to upload all those files again.In the future the only files and folders that will be uploaded will be either files that you modify, new files created in folders selected for backup, or new folders added to areas selected for backup.

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