Registry Cleaner Optimizer doesn’t work. In theory, if reorganizing the registry database and settings to a certain order would increase the system performance. However, Windows does some great job to loading and finding the registry, and reorganizing them doesn’t help to boost your computer performance.

Registry repair programs will not repair your system, for better understanding, it should call registry registry cleaner programs, which detect, remove and backup the windows registry, and help to restore it when the registry is corrupted and causes the system became unstable. There is just no such thing called registry repair programs anymore…

If your registry is corrupted, Registry cleaner programs will help you restore it. However, it won’t repair windows registry without the backup. The registry system in Windows XP and Vista are very stable, and the only problem still remains is the uninstalled application’s settings in the registry, that accumulate and finally take up the resources and bring the computer system into a halt.

The best registry cleaner must be able to detect most errors, safe and effectively remove unwanted entries, and perform automatic schedule maintenance with minimum human intervention. I have tried 2 very powerful and effective registry cleaner programs that work effectively without any problems for 24 months, they are Registry Easy and Regcure.

You should ignore the defrag and repair capabilities when choosing a registry cleaner optimizer and registry repair programs. Registry tuning tool are preferable but not necessary; Just focus on finding a good software that can perform detection, cleaning and backup for the windows registry.

If you are looking for registry cleaner optimizer that will optimize and tune your system settings to boost the speed, you should be looking at a computer tuning or optimization tool, and some registry cleaner programs came with it, and is a desirable tool to have.

If you are on Windows XP, you might want to check out this, Windows XP Registry Cleaner Microsoft, or Reg Clean for Windows XP for other Windows, you need at least one registry cleaner to help you maintain your computer performance.

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