Your PC, irrespective of it being of Windows XP or Vista will build up numerous provisional and lingering internet files due to its usage over a period of time.To tackle this problem, we are about to take a look at Piriform’s CCleaner in detail to check if this product can be deployed to clean your PC and how effective it really is.

Installation and Setup

The process of installation is very easy and takes just 20 seconds with a broadband connection. Excepting for some alertness that is required for the recycle bin shortcut, the rest of them are straightforward and of the usual kind. CCleaner allows for the inclusion of the Yahoo Toolbar and it is left to the user whether he would want this to add to the other toolbars existing in his computer

You can get rid of all previous transitory files, unnecessary browser internet remnants, and any short cuts to documents as well as things gathered at the system level because of long term usage of the PC with the use of CCleaner. You can rest assured that with CCleaner, you need not be concerned about precious files, passwords and logins getting cleaned out. Your computer can become lethargic due to cookies which help advertisers to observe your internet behavior.

Running C Cleaner for the First Time

CCleaner gets rid of the cookies which tend to slow down the computer and despite you being unable to habitually login, your passwords and login names remain undisturbed. You then need to use CCleaner to clean up those momentary internet files that have built up and can also reduce the speed of your PC. The latest CCleaner works well in clearing browser linked matter of Firefox3, Google Chrome and the Safari browser from Apple.

Help & Support

Some of the popular problems faced by users can be addressed by the FAQ which is mentioned at the site and also by posing those problems on the online forums whose threads can provide solutions.

The CCleaner does a good job of safely getting rid of the unnecessary stuff from your PC and is highly recommended due to its protective coverage and uncomplicated method of usage. 
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