The Olympus DS-2 digital voice recorder is a great representative of the super digital voice recorder from Olympus, the market favorites in digital technology, who have these high-performance and feature-enriched VN3100 and DS40 series of digital recorders, building up the company’s reputation. Digital recorders are empowered with features such as great sound quality, long recording abilities, and quality memory components that are not present or up to the mark in analog recorders. The built-in memory feature makes it possible for you to store a great deal of recorded files, which you would have otherwise had to load to hundreds of micro-cassettes.

You can use the Olympus DS-2 Digital Voice Recorder to store your voice if you sound as sweet as a nightingale, but it stands up to use in job environments, also. This can be the right choice for recording lectures in speeches and presentations. The secretary can avoid having to take lengthy notes that his or her boss needs. He or she can easily record the lecture and then write notes at a soothing pace. The recorder can even be used for interviewing famous people, as it will save the journalists the risk of forgetting crucial answers while jotting down the answers. It will enable the journalist to pay more attention to the questioning part. This can be used for recording a number of interviews professionally and the recorded files can be produced as legal evidence, also. The device has got 64 MB of internal memory and it has the ability to record as many as 22 hours. This makes it apt for capturing business seminars and speeches using the Long Play mode.

Recordings can be done with the Olympus DS-2 Digital Voice Recorder at varying speeds. The higher the quality of recording, the less the time that is used for recording, some running only one hour. Hence, if there is a lecture that is supposed to be only half an hour to forty-five minutes, you can strive for the best quality audio resolution. Usually, top quality voice recording mode is employed for recording low voices. It is also commonly used for recording the songs of professional singers. An integrated stereo microphone allows the system to hear the most subtle sounds, not only from the main source, but also from its immediate area. Excellent quality recording allows for amazing clarity of sound.

The Olympus DS-2 Digital Voice Recorder, although it features a lot of technical features, is designed for usage convenience. Not only the professionals but even the novices can get accustomed to its simple front panel with no trouble. This panel enables the consumer to perform the desired tasks in a snappy and efficient manner. You can retrieve or move files, up to 199 of which can be accommodated in five folders, set alarms, and set the recoding style to the desired type. The voice activation feature allows you to record in a hands-free style and also adds to the duration of the batteries. The automatic recording feature is also quite the advantage that comes with these devices.

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