This is not really Vista related but many tech people out there may find this post useful. If your one of the thousands of people in the US who start a computer repair business there are a few things you should know before getting into one.

The first is to know what you are getting into. It’s not hard at all to start a business. In fact you can fill out their paper work online in under 20 minutes and get an FEIN from the goverment and open up the doors. The hardest part is sales. You need to develop a business plan before getting started. This guide will not be that in depth but if your unable to even acomplish this task you should not start a business.

If you have the cash, about 70+ K then you should consider joining a franchise. This way you buy into an established name that has buying power and a full game plan all ready to go. Doing this saves many heaches and you get the training and marketing you need to get started. I know this is not in most peoples budget but really is the better way to go.

For those that do not have the cash then most likely you will be running the business out of your home. Be sure to check if you are in a home owners asosiation or a renter to make sure you can do this. I started my first computer repair company out of my home and was a renter. Because cash will be tight expect to have a part time job in the evenings so you can bring in a little cash on the side. It will be needed unless you have a good 40 or so grand lying around that you can lean on. The first place to have an ad is the newspaper. Just place an add in the business section. Do not expect this add to get much at first but after several months it will more then pay for itself. You should also contact all your local phone book people and speak with a rep. This way when the new books come out you can be listed in them. In fact you may want to plan on starting the company on the date the new book is released. This way you already have a little influx of business when you open the doors. The first year you join a phone book they normally give you a great discount. I got 50% off so I paid the 500 bucks a month and got a half page full color ad. This worked well for me and brought in some cash right away. Do not over looke other types of income. For instance I also run an online computer repair company located at this has been a great way to bring in extra cash. I market the website online and that is it. I’m not the one repairing the systems. I just make 20% per sale. Check out the link on the bottom of the Computer repair site to see what I am talking about.

Up-selling: When you start to make sales don’t forget about the extras. This is were a 100 dollar job turns into 200 bucks. If they need memory then say so. Any system under 2 gigs needs memory. If they need anti-virus software then sell it to them. If they need a data backup solution then offer it. You ge the point. Any house with more then one computer needs a wireles network. If they already have one then see if it’s secure. If not offer this service as well. The goal is not to take advantage of people but to offer solutions to issues they might not even know about. If they do not know they can upgrade the memory and make the computer faster then you are doing them a disservice by not offering your expertise.

Stay focused. There have been days when no calls were coming in and even a week would go by with no sales. It’s times like that when you have to hit the pavement or close the doors. When I say hit the pavement I mean going door to door. Knock on the door and tell them you are in the area that day and offer them a great deal. I normally give away free memory if they want a computer tune-up. The tune-up is 129 bucks and them memory costed me 20 bucks so that;s 109 profit on every tune-up I do. Not bad at all. If I can get two sales that day then thats 218 bucks in my pocket.

Once again the key is to find alternative ways to get the most out of each and every sale. Don’t be afraid to make partnerships with place like gotomypctech. This company will give you 20% of every sale and you do nothing but have to send people their way.

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