OK, so converting Doc files into text probably isn’t the kind of thing you’ll need to do daily. (If that’s the case, could be you need to leave the house more often!)

Chances are that it’s a sudden need – maybe caused by your boss or your boss’s boss. Suddenly, you’re given a pile of Word format “doc” files that need changing into regular, old fashioned text files (the ones with the .txt extension). The thing is, Microsoft Word adds all sorts of formatting and other things to make your documents “what you see is what you get” and chances are that you need just the raw information from the files.

What’s more, they’re wanted very urgently. Right now. Instantly.

If you’ve only got a handful of files to convert into text then the simplest method is to use the “Save as” option in Word. That does work. So long as you can put up with Word telling you over again that all your formatting will be forever lost. Yeah, whatever, you knew that already and sure don’t need to be told it every single time you want to save a file as text.

But what can you do if you’ve got tens or hundreds or even thousands of doc files to convert?

Word’s macro system might do the trick. Of course, us mere mortals will more likely take the next hour or two in a vain attempt to get the Word macro to actually work.

Far and away the simplest way to convert a folder or CD full of Doc files is to use a program like Doc2Text. So long as you can use Windows’ drag and drop functionality, you can quickly and easily convert files all day long. Really, really fast – around 150 files a minute.

Sure, there are other programs out there that do the same thing but they’re more expensive (by an order of magnitude). You can check out Doc2Text for free here.

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