The Outlook 2007 To-Do Bar pulls together information from Outlook 2007’s Calendar and Tasks views making it simple to keep track of what you need to do. You used to have to check the different views to find this information, now it is right there where you can work with it almost instantly.

Every element in the To-Do Bar is live. That is, you can use the Date Navigator to control the Calendar, open and modify the appointments without leaving the current view, manage the list of tasks, even create new ones, again without leaving the current view.

Having the To-Do Bar available really reduces the jumping back and forth between views that was necessary in earlier versions of Outlook.

By default, the To-Do Bar appears as a pane to the right of every view. When the To-Do Bar is minimized, it appears as a narrow strip down the edge of the main Outlook window. When the bar is expanded, by default it shows the Date Navigator (a small calendar) at the top, your next three scheduled appointments in the middle, and a list of your tasks at the bottom. use the left and right arrows at the toop of the To-Do Bar to minimize or expand the bar.

Note: You can easily modify the To-Do Bar to change the way it displays information.

Actually working with the items in the To-Do Bar couldn’t be simpler:

  • Click a Date navigator date to open the Calendar to that day.
  • Double-click an appointment or task to open it.
  • Type into the Type a new task box at the top of the task list to add one.
  • Click the header of the task list to change the order in which tasks are displayed.

It doesn’t get much easier or more intuitive than that!

Having the things you need to do next easily visible wherever you are in Outlook is a significant benefit. I think you will quickly find the To-Do Bar to be one of the most useful new Outlook 2007 interface features.

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