Trend Micro has one many awards and is considered the best all round anti-virus and anti-spyware program on the market according to Consumer Reports.  While Trend Micro Internet security has all in one protection is it really the best?

After installing the 2008 version on one of my notebooks I imeddiatly noticed how slow my computer was.  I have 1 gig of ram and a an Intel 1.7 processor so common logic tells me my computer should be able to handle it just fine.  While the degradation in speed was not horrible I was not happy with it.  This was an XP computer that the 2008 trend Micro internet security was installed on.

I then installed it on my Duo core, 4 gig desktop running windows Vista.  The system did slow done but to a point were normal users would barely notice.  The daily updates only take about 15 seconds to complete and the user interface was extremly easy to use.  All in all I really do like the 2008 version but I would not have it installed on a notebook or an older computer due to the fact that it just slows it down too much.  any newer computer running Windows Vista with 2+ gigs I would say go for it.

back in 2006 I highly praised Trend Mirco because the program was so simple to use and did a fantastic job.  I still like the program but ever since the 2007 version it just takes up so much active memory that older computers really have a hard time running it.  I know many people who gave my computer shop a call beck when the 2007 version first came out and asked about the change.  While I like Trend I will say again unless your computer is newer and has 2+ gig I would not install it and would go with a lighter Internet security suit.

To see how much memory is in your computer simply click the windows start button (on the bottom left) and then right click on the “My Computer Icon”.  Now select properties and wait for the dialog box to populate.  You will see how much Ram you have installed and what type of processor you have.

If you already have purchased trend micro and need to upgrade to a version that is compatable with vista go to for instructions on how to do it

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