Everyone knows they need to backup thier data.  Well your a step ahead of most because you are actually looking for a solution and reading about it rather then knowing you need it but doing nothing.  When it comes to using Vista you do have a free option for data backup.  That is to use the built in Vista backup utility that comes with Vista Home and Premium.  You can read all about it at www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-vista/features/backup.aspx but don’t leave just yet.  If you have the business or ultimate edition then you have even more backup features that are built into the operating system like being able to backup your whole computer including prgrams just in case your computer takes a dive or because very unstable.

The sad part is most of us do not have those two versions.  Even most businesses don’t have the business edition.  Not that I blame them because the added cost really was not worth it.

Not to fear we have two solutions that are very affordable and personally I use them both and for good reason.  The first is to use a program called Acronis.  This handy backup program will do a full image backup of my entire computer.  That way if anything happens I don’t have to worry.  I simply plop in my Vista disc and when asked I tell it I already have an image backup and I’m already in the clear.  No having to re-install programs or anything like that.  The down part for some is you should use an external hard drive to back all the data onto.  This can add on a 100 plus dollars having to purchase the hardware but it is still worth it.  Check out the Acronis website at www.acronis.com to learn more about there backup software.

I did mention two methods that I use.  I saved the best for last and chances are you have heard about it.  It’s on the AM radio shows all the time.  The program is called Carbonite.  This is a online backup tool.  You can backup everything on your computer to this and have it auto sink so you never have to worry about it.  Let’s say you changed a word document and wanted the old version back.  Not a problem you go online loggin and pull it down.  I use this as well because it’s SO CHEAP!  It’s my just in case of fire or robery insurance.  Thats what I call it.  So if you loose all your data not a problem.  You can pull all you music, pictures, personal files the works down from this online backup service.  I am talkin ALL your files.  Not just a gig worth, not 20 gigs or 500 gigs.  As much as you got, all for the same price.  They have a 14 day free trial that you do not have to even plug your credit card into to get started so yes you should at least check this thing out and see how it works.  60% of all people who do the free trial end up purchasing it so that’s how well it works.  That is a huge conversion margin in the software world and the highest by far that I have ever heard of.  You can learn more about this on their website at www.carbonite.com

If you have your own method already or a better one feel free and chime in to let others know.  If for any reason any of the above did not work for you post your opinion so others can know about it.

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