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A freeware application for the ipod touch can turn the music player into a virtual mobile phone. ‘Truphone’ uses wireless internet technology in the ipod touch to enable the user to physically call other ipod touch owners and Google Talk’s messaging service users. The software development is a spin off from technology Truphone developed for smartphones and iphones and the developers of the radical new technology plan to have the ability to call landline phones and normal mobiles in place as soon as possible. How will the iphone survive this? This could be the answer for a cheap iphone, buy the ipod touch and implement this new software.
Ipod touch users who are keen to use the software will have to hook up a microphone to the mobile phone device in order to make and receive calls to the handheld music players. The initial concept is very similar to the internet revelation known as Skype. By using the internet program Skype you can make landline and mobile phone calls from your computer for next to nothing. If one user is ‘online’ at the same time as you on Skype then the phone call is absolutely free of charge and it is understood that Truphone will produce a similar set up to this one.
The CEO of Truphone, Gerldine Wilson has said that the firm aims for global recognition. There is a big neiche in the market to be filled and Truphone mobile phone technology is not necessarily anything illegal, so why not? The only catch for this all to work is that you need to be in range of an active wifi network. The Truphone technology will hopefully be available for the Google phone early next year. The company prefer to target phones with an application feature on the phone as this is the easiest and most reliable way to download more information.
The founder of the technology, James Tagg, has said that this technology will work on other phones but in a slightly different way than modern phones such as the iphone, google phone and blackberry.

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