Normally I try to avoid talking about rumors and half truths.  Today I feel in the gossip mood so let’s talk about the project code named “Fiji”.  Many experts out there in the past have said Fiji is SP1 for Vista.  Personally I do not think that is the case.  The Windows Fiji project in my opinion only reffers to a Media Center update.  Now I’m not trying to take away from this update as I belive it will be a huge release. The media center program has so many ways to improve itself.  The first time I heard of media center I could not wait to test it out.  When I did I was sadly disapointed.  In my mind I placed great hopes of easily streaming video to my tv wirelessly,  being able to pull and integrate my songs with ease.  Have an online market place to purchase songs threw and be able to easily integrate all types of media.  While Media center is currently capable of doing a lot of this it is not with ease.  I have hopes that Windows Vista Fiji will make the media center far more robust and allow for items such as direct tv.  When you just look at the media center interface you can see so much potential.  I belive Microsoft sees the same thing and will address some if not all the issues I mentioned here.  I bet the FIji will be incorporated in with SP1.  While no official comment has come out from Microsoft I would put money on an October 2008 release for SP1 and once again feel fiji refers to a media cneter update that will be incorporated into Windows Vista SP1

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