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Windows Vista Backup

Here is a quick guide offering several options for Windows Vista Backup.

We cover Backing-up the operating system as well as general data back techniques. You will also find suggestions here for software we like and general tips for keeping your data safe.

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Windows Vista Backup options

Only Windows Vista Business and Ultimate have the full image backup features. This means that for most of us out there who use Vista Premium you will not be able to do full backups of all programs and everything with out purchasing a third party tool.

Full Vista Backlup Option

If you are looking for a full backup image of your entire computer including operating system and all your programs then you will need to check out Acronis Here. This is one of the best options for those that are looking at full backups.

Online Vista Backup Option

For those that are looking to backup all their personal files such as e-mails, pictures, documents, personal files, music ect.. Then you do have a great online backup option called Mozzy. You can backup unlimitted ammounts of data for around 5 bucks a month. Check out mozzy here at www.mozy.com

Manual Vista Operating System Backup

For those looking who just purchased their computer you need to make your own Operating system back-up disks. Consult the documentation that came with your computer for exact steps on how to do this. Most manufacturers no longer give operating disks out with computers. HP and the like do have software installed to allow you to make a ONE TIME backup of the operating system. Simply type the keyword "backup" into the search box on Vista and you will be able to start this. Keep in mind it can take a few hours and you will need a few DVD disks.

If you would like to backup all your programs and all files and not have to re-install or re-set any of your custom settings then consider purchasing Acronis HERE or download the free trial HERE. This is one of the few programs out there that will auto backup everything on your computer to whatever location you select. This software will make a full image of all your data so if you have a hard drive crash then you can use the image to 100% get your computer back to the exact same before it crashed with out even noticing it went down.

Backup Windows Vista personal files

When it comes to backing up your personal files and folders you have dozens of options. The first is the built in backup feature for Vista. Just type the keyword "backup" in the search bar on your Vista computer and you will be able to select the Vista backup and configuration option. This software is very basic but you can select all your personal files and folders you want and then choose a place to back them all up on.

We do URGE YOU to get an external hard drive or an extra internal hard drive for backup purposes. You should never backup your data onto the same drive you are pulling from. If that drive crashes then you backup will be lost along with all your other data.

For ease of use we do still suggest Acronis for offline data backup purposes. Click here to learn more about Acronis Software