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Windows Vista Anti-Spware Removal Guide

Please note that unless you are a pro at computers you most likely will not be able to remove your spyware with out the help of a real anti-virus client. While free clients are nice they do not give you the full protection that one needs online. Most clients are just stripped down versions of the full paid verison.

While the choice is up to you for the cleint you select we do recommend you download this Antivirus client here. The name is Spyware Doctor with Antivirus and the makers can be foun here at www.pctools.com

If all else fails and you can't remove the virus yourself or you just don't want to have to deal with it then consider this computer repair company. They charge around 89 dollars and guarantee the results or you don't pay.

Vista Anti-spyware Removal Guide

Disclaimer: windowvistarepair.com takes NO responsibilities for your actions. This article is meant to help but any advice you follow is at your own risk.

If you are infected with spyware then most likely you did not have proper protection. You will need to purchase protection so you do not get infected again. View our Anti-Spyware page for recommended programs.

Read this whole article first or print it off for your refference before you begin.

Step 1. Reboot your computer and start in Safemode with networking. To do this reboot and then press the F8 key when you see your bios flash screen. Keep pushing F8 every other second. You will see a screen that has several options. Select the SAFE MODE WITH NETWORKING. When asked how you would like to proceed select the yes button to continue. Log in under your normal user account

Step 2. Follow these links and download Spybot, Ad-aware, Vundofix.exe, ccleaner.All these programs are free and trusted. We do reccomend you purchase an anti-spyware program as well. Something like Spyware Doctor works great. both programs are free to downlaod and demo for 30 days. You do need to purchase it in order to remove the spyware found. Regard less you should at least download the trial to see if you are infected.

Step 3. Install spybot, ad-aware and ccleaner in safe mode. Please note to update all programs.

Step 4. run Ccleaner under the default settings. This may take several mnutes. The purpose of this is to remove all those junk temp files and some of the spyware temp files.

Step 5. You must reboot now. If you purchased spy-sweeper or spybot you will need to install thos in regular mode not safe mode. For the time being unplug your network cable.

Step 6. Creat a system restore piont. Go to START > ALL PROGRAMS> ACCESORRIES > SYSTEM TOOLS > SYSTEM RESTORE. follow the on screen prompts and create a resote piont.

Step 7. Turn off System Restore. Click start and then right click on the MY COMPUTER ICON and select PROPERTIES. Under the SYSTEM RESTORE tab check the TURN OFF SYSTEM RESTORE. Say yes when prompted.

Step 8. Install your purchased software if you have it other wiese go to the next step. You may need to plug in the Network cord to update the program. Only do this when you are going to update.

Step 9. Reboot your computer again and enter safe mode again with networking. Once logged in Run the Vundofix.exe. You may not have this spyware on your system but it's always good to check. If items are found select them and hit remove. If you are prompted to re-boot then reboot normal and once logged in reboot again and enter safe mode.

Step 10. run Spybot and ad-aware. You can run both at once if you want. Remove any malisoious traced found. Scans normally take around 30 minutes for spy-bot and close to an hour for ad-ware. If you are promted to allow a program to run at stat up then allow it. Reboot once bot hscans are done. If you were asked to allow the program to start up on re-boot then log in normally. If not then log back into safe mode. If you did have to log in normal to do the scan then after the scan is done re-boot again into safe mode.

Step 11. Try and run your purchased software in Safe mode. Not all programs allow this. If it safes you can not run it in safe mode then re-boot normal and run the scan.

Step 12. Run Hijack this. It is important to only remove items shown from hijackthis that you KNOW to be spyware. You do not want to remove valid programs. For more help view our Forum. If you are unsure what to remove if anything then post the highjack this log in the forum for help.

Step 13. Reboot comupter and plug in the network cable. You should be spyware free now!!! :).

Step 14. (OPTIONAL) You can remove all installed free based programs if you like. This is a general guide on removing spyware. If you have a specific spyware strain you are unable to remove then post it in our fourms for help.