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Cell Phone Spyware

Most people do not know it but yes your smart phone can be attacked by a virus just like your PC.  Those who have Camera phones or surf the web are prime targets.  Any person using the Windows Mobile Os or Symbian Os can be targeted.

Most of these programs are sold as protection suits.  They are ways for parents to monitor their kids with out them knowing.  That’s how the software is marketed anyways.  This is not really the case. On programs like FlexiSpy it does not tell the user what they are installing and once installed it completely hides itself.  It is very simple to send this program and many other directly to phones via Bluetooth and even sending the program via SMS.

Cell Phone Virus Protection

More and more people are finding themselves victimized all the time.  People like Paris Hilton and Snoop Dog have already had their phones hacked.  The pictures and messages were stolen as well as their phone list.  Many people keep personal messages and even pictures on their phone.  If you have anything you would like to keep private then you need to go out and purchase protection.

The good news is Cell phone security software is relatively cheap.  Companies like Symantec only charge around 29 dollars for a virus and firewall suit.  If you surf the web using your smart phone then a internet phone security suit is an absolute must.

After installing the Smartphone Security Suit From Symantec I noticed no difference in the speed of my phone.  You can also set the firewall to block text messages from unknown senders and stop those annoying spam texts.  I only recently started getting some and man are they annoying.

Flexispy is advertised mainly for catching cheating spouses and can be used on the Blackberry Rim, Windows Mobile and Symbian devices.  As the Cell market and smartphones grow in the US the cell phone spyware and cell phone viruses will only grow in number.  Blue tooth devices will be the most susceptible to these kinds of attacks.