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Instructions for re-installing Windows XP: There comes a time in every computers life were you just want to start over. This article gives you instructions for reinstalling your XP operating system and starting over.

Be sure to backup any documents that you have on your system. We are re-installing XP and all data on the drive will be wiped clean. It is also worth mentioning that you can always try to do a system restore in XP just go to and join the forum for more information on how this is done.

Now that you have backed up all the data you want saved insert you windows XP CD that came with your computer. Some computers do not have an XP CD if this is the case when your computer fist boots up look at the screen, newer computers often times have the restore CD on the hard drive already and you can access it from your initial boot-up. It should say some thing along the lines of “Recover” “Diagnostics” “System Restore”. For the sake of this article we are assuming you have an XP CD. Boot the computer using your CD. You may have to enable this option in the bios. Let the CD load and when prompted select the partition you would like to install XP on. It is normally the NTFS and it will be a large number. Delete that partition and select the install XP option next. You will now be prompted to format the drive. Select Quick NTFS format and continue. Now XP will install and reboot. Once the unit Re-boots it will continue installing XP this process takes around 38 minutes. Go through the prompts till the XP fully installs. When you first boot up into XP you will be asked to set the screen resolution. Just click cancel for the moment. You may now need to load up some drivers. See for more information on how this is done. You may also need to activate your copy of XP. The serial is on the COA label that should be on the back of your computer or on the XP disc sleeve. Activating on line is the easiest way if you do not have internet access you can activate over the phone as well.

If you have any questions at all about installing XP or would like to know what options you have please join or Computer Repair Forum at . We always try to answer your questions and always welcome your comments.





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