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Best Registry Cleaner

Getting the right registry program that suits your needs is a big deal. Many registry cleaners claim to be the best but when push comes to shove they fail to deliver.

While most registry cleaners are good there are a few bad apples in the bunch so it is always good to do your research first.

Below you will find a few programs that are worth a look. They all have a money back guarantee on them so rest asured you are not waisting your money.

Be sure to download the free trials frist and test them out. Some times the user interface for one reason or another may not fully agree with you

Best Registry Cleaner

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Best Registry Cleaner

Regcure: RegCure receives our vote for best registry cleaner. Get your computer running quickly and smoothly again in minutes. » Download | » Visit Site

Registry Mechanic: While Registry Mechanic is a bit more complicated and personaly I feel it does not do as good of a job cleaning up the registry it does shine when it comes to more advanced cleaning and overal PC Optimization. In the right hands this tool can be superior to Regcure. Also is is compatable with 64 bit operating systems and Regcure is not. I would recommend you download both and demo them out. » Download | » Visit Site

What to Look for in a Registry Cleaner.

When it comes to finding the best registry cleaner you need to examine your own needs. Most registry programs now a days are all in one PC optimization tools. You are not just looking for a registry cleaner but a tool that will have one or two other features as well.

Startup managers: Any cleaner you look for should have a starup manager. This is important because you need a simple way to stop all those auto starting programs.

Junk File cleaner: Not all registry tools will have a junk file cleaner. It does help but even if yours does not you can always use the built in one for Windows.

A word of caution. Before cleanign the registry you should always make a backup of the registry. Any decent program will have a backup option right before you clean. As well it's a good idea to set a restore point before cleanign the registry out. Both of the above have this feature. Just look under the setting area and make sure it's checked to do a restore point before cleaning.

For a more in-depth view we found a decent review site. Check out this Registry Cleaner site.