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Delete Active Security | How to Remove Active Security

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Delete Active Security

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You just started your computer and you got the following:

  • something was scanning your computer !

and you get a pop-up or Windows screen saying something like:

"Active Security detected the virus of the harmful program on your computer!
Internet Explorer is infected with worm Rootkit.Win32.Agent.pp.
This worm can harm your computer."

Huh ? What happened ?

You just got infected by Active Security. This nasty program is a rogue software and is from the same family as Protection System and CoreGuard Antivirus 2009. All of them are fake programs designed to disrupt your computer and most importantly to trick you into making an online purchase (with your credit card !) to buy some fake anti-virus (well, the registered version of Active Security). Please read on...

Maybe a while ago, you were using a (fake !) online scanner, or you downloaded a (fake !) video codec or you were tricked to download a program from what seems to be a legit and good website.

Let me explain that last part: hackers will hack some websites and put into the website code a drive by download. So when users will visit that site, you will be offered to download some piece of code on your computer.

If you do not have some good protection system to guard you against that or if the rouge program is a recent one.... you might not notice it and your computer will get infected.

Once installed, those Trojans will create lots of files on your system and configure the registry to start Active Security every time you start your computer. This rouge software (Active Security) will stay in the background the whole time.

Then what happened at first (system scan !) will begin and those files created will be displayed as viruses infections.

Besides that possible warning you saw at the beginning, Active Security can also do the following:

It will change your browser settings. You might find out you are no more able to update your security program. Or even you might not be able to run your anti-virus program !

You will also get lots of pop-ups, here again saying your computer is infected.

Others features, like System Restore and Task Manager Registry Editor, might also not work.

Then you will get commercial advertisements. Mostly saying to buy the registered version of Active Security in order to get rid of all those fake viruses.

All of that are used in order to make you buy a registered version of Active Security.

Do not do it ! This is a fake program designed to steal your money and credit card infos. The infections you saw are fake and were created to make you believe all the contrary. Nasty, eh ?

Rather than that, we suggest you to run a full, in-depth scan of your computer. First to make sure to delete Active Security and to find out if no others viruses were installed. To help you doing that, we recommend Spyware Doctor with Antivirus.

Another option is to use a very good online service called . This site is dedicated to delete Active Security (and similar threats) and those experts will do it for around 89 dollars. Consider it is a very small cost compared to an on-site technician. Besides, you will save lots of time. This is probably the best option to delete Active Security