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Delete Security Tool | How to Remove Security Tool

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Delete Security Tool

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What is Security Tool?

Upon booting your system, the first thing you do notice is that...

  • something is scanning your computer system !

Then a Windows screen (or maybe some pop-up) appears saying: :

"SecurityTool Warning

Spyware.IEMonster activity detected. This is spyware that attempts to steal passwords from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Outlook and other programs. Click here to remove it immediately with SecurityTool"

Gosh ! What is that ???

Your system just got infected by Security Tool ! This bad software is a rouge program and it is coming from the same family as Total security 2009 and System Security.

All those programs are bogus softwares ready to badly compromise your system and to try to trick you into buying their full version with your credit card. Since this is a fake program, it only wants to steal your money !

Did you some times ago, try to run a (fake !) online scanner ? Or maybe you downloaded that latest (fake !) video codec ? Or maybe you downloaded a software from a totally legit website ? (In fact, the website pushed you the download.... )

Hackers know too well how to hack legit websites. They will put their own malware programs, like Security Tool, as a 'drive by download'. You will simply visit the website and it will push you this given download unto your computer.

If the malware is very recent and if you do not have the adequate system protection to protect your computer.... chances are you will notice nothing and your system will become infected !

Once on your computer, Security Tool will configure your System Registry to make sure it will run on each boot. Moreover, this nasty program remains in the background all the time.

Your system will then get that system scan and... you will get a message like you saw at the beginning of this text telling you of LOTS of infections!

Security Tool can also possibly do the following threats:

  • to change your browser settings. You will not be able to update your anti-virus program neither will you be able to run it ! As for accessing online ones: forget it ! Security Tools has been designed to protect itself from such possibilities.
  • Besides the usual pop-ups telling you your system is over-infected, your system will decrease in performance.
  • Your Task Manager Registry Editor, System Restore and a few more Windows tools might be compromised too.
  • You will get an not really interesting advertisement asking you to buy the full registered version of Security Tool ! Doing so, according to Security Tool, will clean your system of those infections !

All those threats, pop-ups, and more are but designed to make you buy the full version of Security Tool.

Simply...don't do that. Security Tool is a bogus software. It was designed to steal people's money (and credit card infos !). All those threats you saw are but fake ones. They were created to make YOU believe your computer is infected.

We do have a solution for you, in fact two ! First you will need to run a full, in-depth scan of your computer system. We can but recommend Spyware Doctor with Antivirus. It will make sure to delete Security Tool and it will find and clean any others viruses (or threats) you might have on your computer.

The second solution is an excellent online service called . This terrific service will delete Security Tool from your system. It has a cost of around 89 dollars. We believe it is a very small cost compared to calling some local computer technician. This online service is way faster and we believe it is the best option to delete Security Tool. They will also remove any others threats they will find !