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How to Remove Antivirus System Pro | Antivirus System Pro Removal

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Antivirus system Pro

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What is Antivirus System Pro?

Antivirus System Pro has been catalogues as rogue anti-spyware software due to the fact that it uses “scareware” techniques in order to trick PC users into purchasing it. Spending money on this application is not recommended and it is important to know how to remove Antivirus System Pro as soon as it has been detected. Even if Antivirus System Pro, once installed, displays various security notifications that the PC is infected with Trojans, adware and other forms of high risk malware it is recommended to ignore all its content and simply proceed with removal procedures.

In order to properly remove Antivirus System Pro it is recommended to know that this malicious software is known to be spreading with the use of many forms of other malware such as Trojans, browser exploits and scripting languages used to display fake or rogue websites. For this reason, the usage of a genuine antivirus product such as Spyware Doctor with Antivirus is highly recommended in order to make sure that Antivirus System Pro will not be able to re-install itself once removed.

When attempting to manually remove Antivirus System Pro the first thing that should be taken into consideration is the usage of Windows Task Manager in order to stop the process named “sysguard.exe”. Once this is done, the main functionality of Antivirus System Pro will be disabled. However, even if the process is stopped, Antivirus System Pro will still run every time Windows loads, reason why all files located in the path “C:\Program Files\Antivirus System Pro” must be deleted. Once this is done, unregistering the DLL file “iehelper.dll” will permanently disable most of the impact of Antivirus System Pro on the operating system’s functionality.

Even if manual removal of Antivirus System Pro is in most cases accessible, there are certain variants of this rogue anti-spyware application that have proven to be more difficult to uninstall. In such cases it is recommended to submit the technical support request form located on the homepage of the website and standby for certified assistance regarding the professional removal of Antivirus System Pro.