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How to Remove Internet Antivirus Pro | Internet Antivirus Pro Removal

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Internet Antivirus Pro

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What is Internet Antivirus Pro?

Internet Antivirus Pro is a fraud security tool intended to look like a genuine antivirus product. The only purpose of Internet Antivirus Pro is to scam computer users into paying for the licensed version of the product. However, it is not recommended to pay for this application for the reason that it is distributed using other forms of malicious software such as Trojans, exploits and fake online scanners while the paid license does not even exist.

As a result, this software is a scam and it must be removed immediately after detection. Due to the fact that manual removal of Internet Antivirus Pro is possible, it is recommended to identify and stop the processes named “iv.exe”, “InternetAntivirus.exe”, “IAUpdater.exe”, “IAvir.exe” and “unins000.exe” in order to be able to remove the same files from disk. After the processes have been terminated it is then recommended to remove all files from the paths “c:\Program Files\Internet Antivirus” and “c:\Program Files\IA” in order to make sure that Internet Antivirus Pro will not run again.

After all files from the two paths have been removed a full computer scan using a genuine software application such as Spyware Doctor with Antivirus is recommended for the reason that Internet Antivirus Pro is usually installed by other forms of virulent computer software that may cause additional damage to the operating system. Additionally, due to the fact that Internet Antivirus Pro hijacks browser settings and changes core operating system configurations in order to display unsolicited advertisements it is required to unregister the DLL “ska.dll” as well as any other DLL present in the path “c:\Program Files\Internet Antivirus”.

Due to the fact that Internet Antivirus Pro may slow down operating system performance as well as prevent commonly experienced PC users from removing its key executable files it is recommended to request for technical assistance while facing this rogue application. When Internet Antivirus Pro is detected filling out the form located on the homepage of the website will result in an technical expert consultancy request, a service that is offered under an impressive satisfaction guarantee.