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Remove Keep Cop | Keep Cop Removal

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Keep Cop

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What is Keep Cop?

Keepcop is a misleading software application designed to scam PC users into purchasing the licensed version. In reality the licensed version does not exist and this is only meant to rip off money and private data from unknowing end users. Keepcop is from the same family of rogue security products as LinkSafeness and SecureKeeper as it deploys various resource files and registry keys that are to be found in the other applications as well.

Once installed, Keepcop will conduct various operating system modifications in order to insure its presence. For this purpose registry keys and several files are created and adjusted so that the rogue anti-spyware product will be running at every operating system boot. For this reason and due to a large amount of misleading files that are created by the application for later fake detection it is recommended to use a genuine product such as Spyware Doctor with Antivirus in order to ensure proper cleaning.

However, once deciding to discover how to remove Keepcop in a manual way it is recommended to first make sure that the application is no longer running. In order to do so open Windows Task Manager and search for the processes “KeepCop.exe”, “302z0spam9ot5a3.exe” and “uninstall.exe”. Once located, these processes should be ended in order to permit removal of the files from disk.

Once all processes have been terminated it is required to delete all files from the folder structures located at “C:\Program Files\KeepCop Software” and “C:\Program Files\KeepCop Software\KeepCop” as these are the two most commonly used locations where Keepcop installs its files. However, due to the larger number of different Keepcop variations there are several files that are not found in these common locations and that are named using randomly chosen characters. For this reason expert technical support may be required in order to remove certain infections based on Keepcop rogue anti-spyware.

When the need for expert technical support that knows exactly how to remove Keepcop arises all that a PC user needs to do is to fill out the form present on the website . Once the consultancy begins Keepcop and all adjacent malware present on the PC will be removed and the operating system’s performance restored.