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Remove Personal Antivirus | Personal Antivirus Removal

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remove Personal Antivirus

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What is Personal Antivirus?

Personal Antivirus is one of the worst fake security products to hit the market in a while. Over the last year this virus has infected hundreds of thousands if not millions. Unlike many other rouge products this one may disable your task manager and several other Windows features.

Desktop Highjacks are very common with this threat. Many people find that they can not update their security software when infected with this.

If you are infected with this threat then you do have your work cut out. If you are not all that computer savvy I hate to say it but hiring a pro to remove this threat is probabbly your best option. If you are computer savvy then the below guide should help you out. is a great site that can remove this threat for around 89 bucks. That's far cheaper then hiring a tech to come out and having your system repaired online is very fast when you have an expert doing it.

What ever you do DON'T PURCHASE this bogus program. It only shows fake scan results. These fraudsters are just trying to steal your money.

How did I get infected with Personal Antivirus?

Infection normally occurs in one of two ways. The first is from the user downloading a fake video codec. This is a very common way of tricking users into installing the fake security client. Another way if for the hackers to build or hack into a website. Once there they setup what is known as a drive by download. When a user visits the site it will then attempt to push software onto the visitors computer. If proper security is not in place or a new exploit just came out then the users computer can become infected. If you find yourself infected with this then you will need to run a full and in-depth scan to ensure you have no other viruses installed on your computer. This will help to ensure you do not get infected again with Personal Antivirus. We do recommend Spyware doctor with Antivirus. You can » download the free trial here.

How to Remove Personal Antivirus?

Here are the steps we used to remove Personal Antivirus from a test computer. Please not that traces will change and mutate. Most of the time it will be similar in nature so the average computer user should be able to figure out what changed. If you are in doubt then just run a full scan with Spyware doctor with Antivirus to see the latest traces of this.

Kill Personal Antivirus processes:

* protector.exe
* 102.exe
* new.exe
* start.exe

We do recommend you run a full scan using Spyware Doctor with Antivirus » download. Even if you do not intend on purchasing the product it will help to stop the virus from re-installing and re-activating while you manually remove it. Also it will inform you of any new changes to the file names. You may need this if it mutates. Not all the above process may be running. If you are unable to fulyl update or install SDA then download Smitfraudfix.exe. This program will undo the damage to your HOSTS file and allow you to get security updates.

Delete Personal Antivirus registry values: Keep in mind that these may mutate and change. If your trace is not present in this registry location then you will need to run a scan using SDA.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion \run personal antivirus
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion \explorer\browser helper objects\{4afc04a3-b551-4b68-9beb-8677d90150d9}
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\ windows\currentversion\run pav
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\ windows\currentversion\uninstall\personal antivirus_is1
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\ windows\currentversion\run pav
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\microsoft\ windows\currentversion\run personal antivirus

Delete files: ( Hint ) Most of these files will be in the %Program Files\PAV\ directory or the %Program Files\PersonalAntivirus\ directory. Not all will be there and some may not be present in your virus version. In most cases you will only have a few .exe traces but we listed all the varients we could find for this strain.

  • 7587686
  • 7915898
  • 7916574
  • fake-pav.000
  • fakea-pu.000
  • fakea-qo.pee
  • fakea-uh.ex2
  • fakea-ur.pe1
  • fakevi-f.004
  • install(3).exe
  • install-b3a3_2018-2.exe
  • install_2003-2.exe
  • install_2009.exe
  • install_2017.exe
  • install_2018.exe
  • pav.exe
  • setup-1ab1432_02004.exe
  • setup-349c_02004.exe
  • wincontrol.dll
  • %system%\wincontrol.dll
  • winexplorer.dll
  • %appdata%\microsoft\internet explorer\quick launch\personal antivirus.lnk
  • %common_desktopdirectory%\personal antivirus.lnk
  • %common_startmenu%\pav\personal antivirus.lnk
  • %common_startmenu%\pav\uninstall.lnk
  • %desktopdirectory%\personal antivirus.lnk
  • %program_files%\pav\pav.exe
  • %program_files_common%\uninstal\pav\uninstall.lnk
  • %program_files_common%\uninstall\pav\uninstall.lnk
  • %system%\wincontrol.dll
  • winexplorer.dll
  • %program_files%\pav\pav.exe
  • setup-349c_02004.exe
  • setup-1ab1432_02004.exe
  • install_2018.exe
  • install_2017.exe
  • install_2009.exe
  • install_2003-2.exe
  • install-b3a3_2018-2.exe
  • install(3).exe

Delete directories: ( Please note that in most cases everything in this folder can be deleted. Just be sure it’s the correct folder

%appdata%\personal antivirus
%common_programs%\personal antivirus
%program_files%\personal antivirus