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Total PC Defender Removal

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Total PC Defender removal

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What is Total PC Defender?

Total PC Defender is rogue antispyware software that is promoted with the use of various forms of malware on websites that present misleading content and utilities. For this reason, once detected, Total PC Defender removal should be initiated immediately as the fake security product can greatly impact the operating system’s functionality and stability. Once installed, Total PC Defender will most likely intermediate the auxiliary infection with other malicious software, reason why, when attempting Total PC Defender removal it is always a good idea to use genuine antivirus software like Spyware Doctor with Antivirus download in order to quarantine all other additional threats.

Even if scam based, Total PC Defender’s graphical user interface is nicely designed and will many times look like a genuine application. However, even if the rogue software displays many alarming security warnings as well as exaggerated infection reports it is recommended to ignore it and proceed with the uninstall in order to prevent further loss of data and privacy.

How to Remove Total PC Defender ?

File Removal Procedures

In order to manage Total PC Defender removal it is recommended to first stop the executable process that is connected with this software. Using the Windows Task Manager, the following process should be identified and terminated:

  • Total PC Defender.exe

As the main executable process has been stopped, it is possible to properly remove all adjacent files and folders related to this application. For this reason, the following paths should be taken into consideration when conducting Total PC Defender removal:

  • c:\Program Files\Total PC Defender
  • c:\Program Files\Total PC Defender\Total PC Defender.exe
  • %UserProfile%\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\Total PC Defender.lnk
  • %UserProfile%\Desktop\Total PC Defender.lnk
  • %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Total PC Defender
  • %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Total PC Defender\Total PC Defender.lnk

Due to the fact that there are many different variations of Total PC Defender, in most cases, the files and folders related to this rogue software may be installed in different unique locations on disk. As a result, proper technical support may be required in order to completely remove the threat. Such expert technical consultancy can be obtained by submitting the form located on the homepage of the website

Registry Removal Procedures

Additionally, all registry keys and paths related to Total PC Defender need to be removed in order to completely disable its functionality and impact on the operating system. For this purpose, the registry keys located in the following location should be deleted:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Total PC Defender


By following the described methods and procedures it is possible to manage Total PC Defender removal. However, in order to avoid problems and further possible data loss it is recommended to use both genuine software and experienced technical support as in many cases the rogue software will try to sustain its presence.


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